Wearable for Enterprise – A new opportunity unfolding for Application development business

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Kavitha Gopalan

Wearables are new revolution in Tech industry and its a fast growing business. Most of technology giants are investing in wearable  including Apple, Google, Samsung, Intel, Sony and others.  Smart watches, badges, Bracelets , fitness straps Pendants, glass, Shoes and dress are some which has already created enormous interest.

Though initially Wearables were used for fitness tracking and social activities it is finding its way into the  enterprise world .  IT leadership and other company decision-makers consider wearable tech as critical to future success  of their business.   One of the biggest advantage is the constant flow of data when using wearable which companies can use to reach employees and Customers.

Salesforce had conducted a survey on Wearable for  Enterprise ” Putting Wearable to work” and the results show where the IT industry is moving with Wearable devices.

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Global smartphone shipments declined 9.2% in Q1

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Chandramouli Srinivasan

Smartphone Market:
TrendForce has complied a market report on worldwide market shipment that reflects a few things about smartphone market & shipment.

– Global smartphone shipments in the first quarter of 2015 (Jan-Feb-Mar) stood at 291.2 million units, down 9.2% compared to the last quarter of 2014. This means the market has shrunk in Q1. Primary reason quoted is slow down of smartphone sales in China. Is this an impact due to Chinese new year? or People waiting for newer phone to arrive?
The report also says that market will rebound in later half of 2nd quarter. Continue reading