JAR:Load – Cloud Based Web Load Testing Software

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Chandramouli Srinivasan

I am Happy to announce that MoboDexter Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with JAR Technologies, U.K. to sell their Cloud Based Loading Testing solution called JAR:Load. As part of this agreement, MoboDexter has secured an exclusive pricing deal that can be leveraged by any prospect who wants to purchase JAR: Load through MoboDexter. I want to talk about the reason why I felt this is a compelling tool in the market in comparison to its competitor products.

JAR:Load – Stand Out Features

  • JAR: Load is the only enterprise load testing product, delivered from the cloud, that uses real web browsers to simulate load. If you run ANY type of JavaScript (jQuery, GWT, AngularJS, Ember, etc.) on your web-site then you can’t rely on “other” load testers who just record HTTP transactions – they will miss all your dynamic AJAX operations!
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Wearables Products

CES 2015 – Wearables Products




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Wearables is another trend that we have been seeing lately. By Definition Wearables are tiny computer devices that can be worn on the body or cloths. All big companies have announced one or more products in the wearable segment like Google Glass, Apples I watch , Intel’s Bracelet and many more. CES this year also saw a bunch of wearable devices. The main categories they were fitting in were in watches Fitness trackers, Medical devices, health sensors some of the key ones listed here

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