The growth of IOT Gateway Market

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Kavitha Gopalan

The race for building smart home is here and now, and the  whole ecosystem surrounding smart home is also growing tremendously. IOT gateway market is one among it.

IOT gateway forms the center piece in the building block for IOT. This connects the sensors and actuators from the end points to the cloud and ensure seamless data flow between the devices and the cloud.

As per Gartner research the smart home market is expected to grow from 100 and 200 million homes today to 500 and 700 million homes by 2020. This is a huge pie in the market for the IOT gateway makers to grab.
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CES 2015- Internet of Things (IOT) – Interesting Products in Home Automation Part 2




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Continuing the Previous blog post on CES coverage here is the next list of Home Automation products that caught our attention from CES.

Belkin enhances its WeMo Portfolio

    Belkin that owns the WeMo Brand of connected devices launch a bunch of connected-home products at CES 2015

o   WeMo Water with Echo Technology is the most interesting item in the new collection. Attach it to any one water pipe in your home, and it monitors pressure changes and vibrations that occur throughout the plumbing and sends this data to an app on your phone.

o   WeMo Door/window sensors are a better solution, because the simple act of opening a door can trigger numerous lights to come on.
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