Make your Home as Smart and secure Home with this Smart Home gadgets

Kavitha Gopalan | Blogs-Mobodexter
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Kavitha Gopalan


Its a one Brand for SmartHome IoT products for customers in all over USA and India. MoboMy emerges as a brand to get SmartHome products in every household. MoboMy stands on Delivering the secure smart home.

One can build a smarthome solution with a combination of our products. Install the door bell at the entrance door then install our LED bulbs – MyBulb in all bulb holders at home then connect all home appliances to MySocket. You can now start controlling everything from a Smartphone from Entry to Power in your house.
We will shortly launch Secure Smart Home Gateway. This will give you ability to secure all end points & provide AI based automated control of all end points connected to the gateway.

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Scale of Internet 2015

Chandramouli Srinivasan | Blogs-Mobodexter
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Chandramouli Srinivasan

Trust on internet and the business generated out of the internet is shifting to a different scale. KPCB research reveals a few key messages on the internet usage and a shift in business patterns emerging in different geographies like USA, China & India.

* Global Internet user growth is solid but slowing. Global Smartphone subscription growth is solid but slowing.

* Global internet usage growth is strong due to growth of Mobile & Video.

* Total internet ad revenue is 50B in which mobile ad contributes 13B.

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